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Orbit Systems

Orbit School & Colleges Management System

School Expert Software helps manage Student, Teacher, Classes, Sections, time table, Fees, Attendance, and Marks. Software provides easy reports like Employee Reports, Outstanding fees, Marks, Attendance etc. This is a MUST HAVE software for all schools. Parents no longer need to waste their valuable time by standing in a long queue to pay the school fees. They can pay the fees anytime anywhere with just one click of the mouse by using SchoolExpert.

3 Great Reasons to Get Started Now

It’s easier than you think. Employees catch on quickly with easy, familiar tools. You don’t have to worry about installing new software and systems. It’s all done for you and is backed by Oracle.
It’s complete. It’s a bundle of all the functions that your business needs. From manufacturing to distribution, every process is streamlined and integrated.
It’s time. Businesses who are up and running on Dynamics ERP never look back. They enjoy immediate gains in production, quality, and distribution experiences that set them apart.

Orbit Systems
Orbit Systems

Core Features

•Dynamic Interactive Reports
•Handle Multiple Companies
•Users can use filters, show/hide columns, highlight records at run time •Users can make groups, use pivot, make charts at run time
•Export to excel and PDF of all transactions & Reports
•Drilldown Reporting
•Single sign on for multiple companies/sites •No software installation required at client side
•Responsive Layout Design to be used from PC/Tablet/Mobile
•No Worries of Taking Backup
•24/7 Availability
•64 bit SSL encryption
•SMS & Email to customers and suppliers

  • Accessibility & Flexibility
  • Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Lower Capital Expenditure
  • Continuity of business t
  • Scalability
  • No IT Maintenance Costs
  • Mobility
  • Competitive Edge

•Different summaries & analysis charts, daily attendance, fee collection, expenses reporting.
•You can check the student’s academic background , and sibling information.

•Compose different types of exams and reports and publish online student’s progress reports. Also you can automatically generate question papers from Questions Bank.

•Daily attendance record of students and employees.

•Flexible fee packages and fee structure and you can also easily manage discount. You can get many different type of summarized and detail reports related with Fee.

•You can maintain complete library activities.

•You can maintain the complete record of employees and generate monthly payroll.

•Fully flexible Charts of accounts, complete double entry system, and financial reporting is available.

•Employee Profile
•Attendance & Leaves Management
•Biometric Data loading option
•Final Settlement of Account •Medical Claims
•Assets & Users Management
•Salary Increment History
•Salary Advances
•Annual Leaves
•Employee Lists
•Designation Wise Strength
•Auto Calculation of Non-working Days Deductions
•Auto Calculation of Overtime
•Marketing Expenses Management
•Monthly Payroll
•Integration with General Ledger
•Salary Sheets/ Slip/ Bank Letters
•Dynamic Reporting

•Multiple User Management
•User Administration and Roles Assignment
•Roles Management to set permissions for Viewing, Modification, Deletion, Creation, Printing or Posting
•Login control from selected IPs and specific Timing
•Users Activity Log
•Audit Trails on critical Data
•Company Management
•Product Registration/ Regulatory Affairs
•Correspondence Management against Registered Products
•Alerts on Products Registration Expiry